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Gansu Support Group Program
"The main goal for the Support Group Program is set up as a communication and education platform for every CHD patient, family, and volunteer by providing family visits, effective physician-patient communication, and education seminars." - Volunteer Information Packet.

The Summer Gansu Support Group Program is a wonderful opportunity for all volunteers and is highly recommended, but all volunteers should remember that the program is a privilege, a chance to change a family's future, save a child's life, and make the world a better place to live.

Prior to the trip, please prepare by understanding AHI's mission statement and methodology. By doing so, you will enhance your own experience in the Support Group Program as well as further AHI's mission. Other helpful links to help you prepare for your volunteer opportunity include AHI's newsletter and patient stories.

AHI welcomes and encourages all volunteers to apply for the Support Group Program.

This video gives a more in depth look at the process of the Gansu Trip and our volunteers in action. (The video contains footage of a heart surgery and may be unsuitable for children or those who get dizzy at the sight of blood.)